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A man and a woman’s Need ~ Part 1

The need of a woman and man can be categorize in many ways but we will see a part of it in this area.

What a man really need from a woman is Sex and Helpmeet.

And what a woman really need is True Love and Care.

Sex is the greatest canal thing a man need from a woman while Helpmeet is what the woman can minister to the man spiritually… And that can be in Prayers, sacrifices of any kind, Advice, running the home and family etc.

Running a home is both spiritual and physical. And a woman does that better than a man

As for a woman… They need TRUE LOVE ❤️. They need it because of their spiritual and physical task. Running a home and being an Helpmeet for a man is not a simple task.

They can make mistakes. It takes a man with True Love to overlook their mistakes and assign responsibilities to her even after making many mistakes.

They can mess things up. It in them to go extra miles for their marriage and relationships… Sometimes where a man fears to go to a woman can go just to make her family happy.

And not all men appreciates that because of their natural ego. It’s in men to claim leadership and not to share it. But a responsible man knows a leader was once a follower and it’s not bad if he is being led temporarily just to get things right. Shared leadership and responsibilities is the right way to lead. When you do that, you won’t come out and say “I did it” but “We did it”

That is the fact many do not know.

What do you gain by saying “I” instead of “We”? Nothing!

The Continuation of it….

Watch out for part two…


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