“But with whom was he grieved forty years? was it not with them that had sinned, whose carcasses fell in the wilderness? And to whom sware he that they should not enter into his rest, but to them that believeth not?” (Hebrews 3:16-18).

Can God be resisted? Yes! But some people think it’s absurd to say God can be resisted. When you study God’s Word, however, you’ll observe that He can indeed be resisted. Stephen, describing the children of Israel in Acts 7:51, said: “Ye stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always resist the Holy Ghost: as your fathers did, so do ye.”

God is sovereign but He doesn’t always act in His sovereignty! This is the only reason the children of Israel could have resisted Him. God actually wanted to bless and prosper them but He couldn’t, because they were unbelieving.

The same thing happened to the Lord Jesus in His hometown of Nazareth. Though He really wanted to perform miracles there, He couldn’t because they were unbelieving: “He is no better than we are’ they said. ‘He’s just a carpenter, Mary’s boy, and a brother of James and Joseph, Judas and Simon. And his sisters live right here among us.’ And they were offended!” (Mark 6:3 TLB).

His not performing miracles in Nazareth wasn’t a question of willingness but of ability, because the power of God was resisted by their sentiments and not because Jesus was upset with them! Even when He decided to pray for few sick folks, God’s healing power still couldn’t flow. Why? Because of their unbelief!

Every one of God’s blessings works by faith, and faith can only come through the Word of God. This was a fact Paul was well acquainted with. In Galatians 2:21, he stated, “I do not frustrate the grace of God,” because he knew the grace of God could be resisted by unbelief. Your knowledge of the Word is very important and essential to victorious Christian living.

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