There is more to life than just getting married, having kids and building your family. As beautiful as getting married is, it’s not something you jump into without due preparation and purpose discovery.

That is if you want to be successful in life and leave your footprint on planet earth. But if your vision is just to live the ordinary mediocre life, without any lasting impact and contribution then you can continue towards getting married without discovering your purpose.

Perhaps, you are already married, the good news is that you can still go ahead and discover your purpose and then go ahead to pursue and fulfill it.

The number one thing any man/woman should think of is fulfilling the purpose for which God sent him/her to fulfill on the earth.

There is no one alive today that was born without a purpose. Before you were born, while you were still in your mother’s womb, God gave you a purpose to fulfill on the earth. Before anyone knew your sex if you were a male/female God had a plan for you. A task He wanted you to fulfill on the earth. He gave you everything you will need to fulfill that purpose and life assignment. (See Jeremiah 1:5-10)

Just in case you are finding it difficult to understand what purpose is all about, let me help you by asking you a very simple question. If today was your funeral, what would you like people to say about you? What would you want to be remembered for? You will be remembered for either of two things: The problems you solved or The problems you created.

What solutions would you have provided? Don’t shy away from the thought of dying someday. Why? None of us is leaving this planet alive, except the master returns ahead of us. Your life must be lived for things that are eternal and will outlive you. Only two things will last forever – Truth and People.

Sadly, most people don’t get to discover what they were created because of the frivolities of life. Parents have failed in directing their children right in this area and the society is not helping matters.

They tell you to go to school, get a good education that will make you marketable, get a job or start a business, get married and have your kids. Nothing is wrong with all of that, but If this was what life was all about, then life must be boring indeed. Life though is far more than this. See part two.

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