It is a thing of amazement to me, how much emphasis is placed on getting married today, why very few actually talk about fulfilling a purpose. The parents, family, and society put so much pressure on young people to get married. Marriage today to some people has become like the ultimate achievement in life. Even though they are living far below the purpose of God for their lives, no one seems to care as long as you are married and having kids. Little wonder why young ladies are running from pillar to post just to get married without even knowing who they are as a person. But marriage was not designed to be an end in itself, but a means to an end.

You will never get fulfillment in life or marriage without discovering who you are. Fulfillment in life only comes from living a life of purpose. A purposeless life is a meaningless life. Not even marriage can fill that vacuum. If you don’t know who you are, how can you possibly help another person to live their life to the full when you are empty?

You can never give what you don’t have. Neither will marriage change your emptiness to fullness. Marriage becomes very meaningful, exciting and rewarding when two people who have discovered their purpose in life come together and synergize and form a wholesome partnership that helps them fulfill their purpose and that generates immense rewards for humanity.

Instead of running around, wasting your life/time on anything in trousers and skirts just because you want to get married, spend those times in the pursuit of your purpose. In the process of fulfilling your purpose, you will find your Mr. /Mrs. Right.

Don’t let anyone push you around. Don’t live under the pressure of meeting up with the present-day status quo to be accepted. Instead, pursue first the things that are of paramount importance. Plan your own life. Create your own standard.

The fact is no great names we know and celebrate today are being celebrated because they got married and had kids. Take a short journey into history with me and you will discover that all the great names we learn about, celebrate and honor today did not get that because of the beautiful family they had.

The only thing that lives after a person that inscribes their name in the sand of time is the fulfillment of purpose which results in great deeds. Let’s take a good look at some of these famous names to bring the point home: Jesus Christ, Apostle Paul, Mother Theresa, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Benson Idahosa, Mary Kay, Myles Munroe, Michael Jackson, Kathryn Kulman, Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg .etc.

Which of the above names are remembered or celebrated today because of their marriage or the number of children they had? They are remembered and celebrated for their brainchildren, not loin children. Stop chasing shadows my friends and fulfill purpose!

Am I in any way against marriage and having biological kids? Not at all, everything must be placed in the right perspective and its rightful position.

What I am saying is, before you get married, before you say “I do”, make sure you discover and say “I do” to your purpose which is the very reason God created you in the first place. Even after marriage don’t stop pursuing your purpose. Those who make history in life are those who lived to fulfill a purpose.

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