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Learn to Expect less from some people… ~By Ini

Third week of November I was so broke, I was waiting for December salary, I had used all my money, I needed money to sort out something, I needed to just borrow that money and pay back
I reached out to a friend, for 2weeks he was posting me
Everyday he is at the bank but the queue was long he left. Every blessed day for 2 good weeks.

Ini I am sorry “I wish I could help”would suffice. Before second week of December, I was paid my salary plus other awoof, I had plenty money eh, I didn’t even bother to tell him I don’t need the money anymore. I looked elsewhere. But I didn’t forget something. He isn’t a friend I should call upon when in need.

We are still in touch and I am sure he is reading this.

If it is to call and gossip about Nigeria and her politicians when I am bored and have free credit to waste, I can call him for that, but when I need help, I won’t dare.

I won’t even leave an important thing I am doing and attend to him.

It is not a revenge something
It is just what it is

If I were kidnapped by aliens in Jupiter, and I was given the chance to make only one phone call to someone that will rescue me, I won’t call my mother, she will faint and won’t be able to come.

I will call my elder Sister,she is always with her phone and can handle things very well.

You see I already know who to call
My mum is my number one fan But won’t be sentimental about it.

See it is not that you don’t have trust worthy people in your life, the problem is you are expecting the RIGHT things from the WRONG people.

Secondly, you don’t have a scale of preference in your life.
You want to be everything to everyone

How can you be calling a beer parlour friend to come bail you out when the police arrests you?

You will grow old for there.

Tomorrow you cross oceans for that same person that can’t cross swimming pool for you then cry disappointment.

Our lives should have departments, every person coming in should have where they belong, admission should be based on performance.

Don’t feel bad when people don’t turn up when you expect them, don’t Just forget so you don’t call them again expecting one miracle change.

You can’t be there for everyone.
Everyone can’t be there for you.
Learn to expect less!!!!!!

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