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Settle Your Cases in the Spirit ~Examination Testimony

When you pray in the spirit for something and it does not come to pass as at when you want it don’t panic or think that God did not hear your prayers, just know that things have been settled in the spirit. Here is a testimony…

A brother arrived a venue of his examination very late, about 5 minutes to the time the invigilator is to stop the examination, on arriving the venue, the invigilator denied him access into the examination hall because he was late, the brother stood by the door and was praying in tongues for the man to let him enter the examination hall and write the exam even for three minutes, but his prayers were not granted, so he gave up on his prayer point.

He then brought the issue to the fellowship asking us to pray that a makeup examination be given to him, as usual in the Believers Loveworld Nation way, we prayed in tongues each time we prayed concerning the case, but this brother was never called for a makeup examination, we thought God did not answer our prayer.
The result came out and the brother had a ‘B’ but did not enter the examination hall to write the examination that he prayed in tongues for, neither did he write the makeup examination that we all prayed in tongues for.

When you pray in tongues for a thing and you don’t see it come to pass in the time planned for or the way you want it don’t worry yourself, maybe that was not what you said in tongues. When the brother was praying in tongues by the door he thought he was saying “Father let him give me the opportunity to enter the hall and write” not knowing he was saying “let him score me without the examination”. When we prayed in tongues for the brother we thought we said “father he will be given makeup examination” not knowing we said “score him without the examination”.

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