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Whatever you’re given to do in the house of God, put your heart to it and do it diligently. Paul said..

The one that rewards you is Jesus Christ. And never let the behaviour or misbehaviour of anyone stop you from serving God. This is the wrong attitude of many in the house of God. When you gave you heart to the Lord Jesus, He became the Lord and Saviour of your life and as such, you loose your say.

People that get uncomfortable when certain topics are talked about in church is being taken over by the devil. A deviant behaviour is not consistent with the life in Christ.

When the leaders don’t celebrate you or take part in what you want them to, shouldn’t stop you from serving God. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be celebrated or joined in our ceremonies. The best way to resolve this is to forgive or confront the situation.

Paul said in James 5:16 _”Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed.”_

Life is spiritual. The spiritual man sees things from the spirit whenever something happens. The ordinary man thinks things happen by accident. But the spiritual man is sensitive to happenings around him and would want to find out the reason what the things happening around in order to better handle or improve the situation.

Offering is what you’re giving to God not to the church. God’s work cannot suffer. The biggest sponsor of the gospel is God. When you stop giving, you stop prospering.No matter how angry you get, don’t let it affect your relationship with God or the church; be passionate about God.

Whether you’re ready or not, it is important for you to know how to behave and plan for marriage. When you are a single person, marital relationships come about by many things.

Being single is not a waiting stage; far from it. It is a period of focus on the Lord and His purpose. Its a time for laying foundation for the life that is to come.

A lot of people live life on the side of assumptions and this is very sad.


*#1. Know Christ Jesus.*

John 17:1-3

Jesus is the only one that gives eternal life.

There are two destinies – God’s divine destiny and your natural destiny. The whole natural destiny could be lived without ever stepping into God’s divine destiny.

The divine destiny is God’s plan for your life. And this destiny never starts until you’re in Christ.

1 John 5:11-13

There are many that are only biologically existing.

The universal fatherhood of God is a fallacy. God isn’t the Father of all but the Creator of all; He’s only Father to those that have received Christ.

Know Christ; because it is in Him you’ll discover God’s purpose for your life.

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

God has a plan for my life!It’s very important that you specifically serve God and fulfill His purpose for your life.

Acts 22:10-15

There are things that are appointed for you to do and when you step in to do these things, no one can do them as you do.

It’s very important to recognise the spiritual. God wants you to:

1. Know His will,
2. See the Just One, and
3. Hear the voice of His mouth.

*#2. Discover Your Purpose.*

*#3. Have Knowledge.*

You can’t be ignorant and fulfill the will of God. Knowledge could mean to have understanding.

The way you pray and live your life is based on your perception of God.

When God appeared to Solomon and asked Him to state what He wanted (Solomon had the understanding that confortability was already with him in God), he asked for wisdom…

It’s not enough to know Christ, you have to have knowledge and understanding.

Proverbs 1:1-16

The simple is someone who is unwise.
Discretion is…

When it talks about father and mother, it doesn’t mean parents who don’t have the Word of God in them. It’s talking of Godly parents that would give the Word of God.

Proverbs 3:1-8

You don’t need to pray for long life. The reason a lot of Christians are suffering is because they turn away from the Word. The Word of God adds long life and peace.

There are many things we don’t have to pray for because they are taken care of; your love for Christ takes care of them.

We trust God through His Word.

Proverbs 4:1-9

There’s a difference between a child that was reared and one that was raised. Princes are raised with the standard and principles of royalty.

Wisdom will promote you. There are things that are associated with foolishness. Sometimes you find Christians who are more interested in talking worldly news than preaching the gospel.

*#4. Serve God With Your Life.*

Romans 1:9

Serve God within the confines of the gospel. When you serve anything with your spirit, you’re serve it with your life.

Ecclesiastics 12:1-8

A young person with his whole life before him can make serious mistakes that will alter his life forever. When you find Christ at an early age, you’re saved from a whole lot troubles of life. Serve God now that you’re young.

Vanity is to live life ordinarily without serving God.

You have to be prepared for marriage. You have to be matured.

Galatians 4:1-3

You have to know the position of the father.

Until you get to know your rights in Christ, there are many times you’ll still fall prey to. And when you’re in Christ, you need to keep growing.

Boys don’t marry. It is men that marry.

Get an education. It’s important for you to get an education. So that your mind can be exercised.

Have a job or do a business. You need to have a source of livelihood.

When you get matured, you’ll come to know the things your parents didn’t know and couldn’t teach you.

Some people carry the vision of their parents into their matrimonial homes, and until that vision is fulfilled, there may not be peace in the home.

The only tribe you should consider before getting married, is someone in Zion and specifically from within, so that you don’t have spiritual constipation.

1 Corinthians 7:25-34 (KJV), 35-38 (TLB)

Don’t look at the Word of God from a simple perspective; don’t try to rationalise actions.

Serve God like you’re not married; without strings of marriage tying you down. Don’t let celebrations carry you away – your sole purpose is serving God.

If you’re single and not married, you’re not incomplete. You’re complete in Christ.

What was the purpose for Eve?
Adam was to run over, to have dominion. Eve was created to have fellowship, to be help-meet, to team up with Adam.

If you have no purpose in life, you don’t need a wife/husband.

You have to understand the purpose of marriage.

He that findeth a wife… Not she that findeth a husband. So if a lady is pursuing you as a guy, flee.

2 Corinthians 8:1-5

When it comes to the appointed time (when you feel you want to get married), the question should be, is the person committed to God?

Never marry someone who has not given himself to the Lord first. Marriage doesn’t change anybody.

You don’t have to have a sense of lack in your life… Work hard and have money as a single, so that no one can bluff you.

There’s the right way to go about marriage.

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