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1) Genesis 2: 18 “The Lord God said, it is not good for the man to be alone, I will make a helper suitable for him” When you disrespect God’s gift to you, you are indirectly questioning God’s Sense of Choice to you!

Respect her!!

2)The Value you place on your wife is the Value you place on God! How can you say that you love God that you have not seen and despise the one beside you?

Respect her!!

3) She in NOT a weaker Vessel…
Her content is far beyond her vessel.

Respect her!!

4) She is the ONLY one with the Strength and Patience to tolerate the assignment of carrying a Life for nine months till delivery…
Even doctors cannot explain what she goes through!

Respect her!!

5) Anytime you call her a failure, you also fail because you are her Head and Mentor!
If she needs to be upgraded, do so, but Respect her!!

6) … and you will be wondering why God doesn’t help you in some areas of life? The reason is that He sent you Help in form of a Woman already!

Respect her!!

7) “He that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing, and obtains FAVOUR from God… ”
If you cannot comprehend her PLACE in your life, you will never understand the GRACE she carries!

Respect her!!

8. Your Value for her should not be out of pity…
You are the one that needs Help!
God said it…

Respect her!!

9) When you have a Woman who prays everyday for you…

When you have a woman who preserves the last meal at home for you to eat while she starves….

When you have a Woman who repeats her old clothes because you cannot afford new ones for her…

When you have a Woman who never stops believing in you…

When you have a Woman who encourages and stands by you all the time…

When you have a Woman who covers your nakedness….

That’s the Woman you need…


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