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Have you ever sat in an airport and watched the people moving through the building? some walk slowly n casually. others stride hurriedly n intently, perhaps sprinting. The difference in pace is often related to time. Some are early. Others are late. Each is there for a purpose, either future or imminent.

Time is such an important concept of life.that many of our conversations center around it. How old are you? How long ve u worked here? when did you marry? etc.

Time is an important part of our lives. it gives order to our days n allows us to set schedules. But schedules in and of themselves are worthless unless we ve a purpose behind the schedule. it’s useless to keep track of time if there is no end towards which we are moving because we live in time. we measure life in increments of seconds.minutes.hours.days.years etc.

But how does the architect of the universe measure n judge the success of our life? God’s question is never how old are you or how long ve u lived? but rather what ve u done?

Life isn’t measured by duration but by donation. Time was given to you to fulfill our purpose in this life. Don’t be like methuselah of whom its recorded that he lived for 969 yrs n died. That’s all we know of his life. What a tragedy! Time is always given for the completion of purpose. i admonish you to find your purpose n give time meaning. Jesus came to reconnect us with our God gave purpose n the importance of using the time to complete that purpose.

God has given you an assignment that is awesome. Today He invites you to live by faith.moving with Him beyond the limitations of what you can see. hear n feel at any given time. Therefore your perspective must move from living for today alone to looking beyond time and towards eternity.

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