Excerpts from my latest book — The Sexual Minefield.

According to the dominion mandate given to man in Genesis 1:28, God’s purpose for man and woman was leadership, hence He designed them with an in-built capacity and ability for leadership.

However, the pattern of their leadership is different because of their unique designs and designations. The male was designed by God to be a leader based on position, while the female was designed to be a leader from the perspective of influence.

That means that the man has position-power, while the woman has influence-power, but they are not mutually exclusive; they are meant to work in consonance in fulfilling the dominion mandate.

The difference between position-power and influence-power is that the former usually comes with titles, such as chairman, chief, king, doctor, governor, etc, that probably explains why men are obsessed with titles.

In addition position-power is usually exercised through commands either in verbal or written forms; that also explains why men like shouting and dishing out commands. But influence-power is different and strangely it’s more powerful because of its subliminal nature.

First a woman may have a title, but she isn’t really enthusiastic about it, why? She doesn’t need a title to exercise her authority because she leads by influence; women who know their worth are not obsessed with having titles.

Men call themselves the head of the house, but in many homes it’s the neck (woman) that rules and regulates the activities of the home; wherever the neck turns to is where the head faces. Isn’t that powerful?

If a woman realizes her power and decides to use it, she can get a man to do her bidding irrespective of who or what he is. A woman’s influence-power over man dates back to Biblical days. Adam was crushed by Eve. Sampson, who annihilated one thousand men as one man, was neutralized by one woman — Delilah.

David felled a nine-foot Goliath, yet fell under the spell of Bathseba. Prophet Elijah who decimated 450 prophets of Baal, took off in mortal fear of Jezebel. One seductive dance by a young lady and a king signed out a blank cheque and it culminated in a prophet’s head being yanked off in a jiffy. Need I say more?

Smart women don’t need to talk to get things moving. It’s men that need to get things moving with their mouth — “Do this” “Don’t do that” “Get out.” But, a woman doesn’t need to say a word; she could just wink and the world begins to respond to her.

A woman utilizes secret pulses to communicate, coyness is her instruction mode, it operates on the subconscious level. Think of your mum, your girlfriend, that lady you helped – that lady you gave up your seat for without her asking because she looked at you gleefully. Have you forgotten that lady you helped out with her luggage at the airport because she acted weary? Remember that lady you gladly allowed to jump the queue ahead of you just because she smiled at you? But you wouldn’t do that for a thousand men on their knees.

A woman somehow has the power to send signals to our subconscious, to make us do things. It’s so subtle, it’s unnoticeable, yet it’s undeniable! See part two

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