I mean virginity is not only meant for females. We live in a generation that makes virginity sound like a female. Young man, you need to keep yourself till marriage too.

I want to get married as a virgin not because I was a superman but because I’ve made up my mind longest time never to have any sexual relationship whatsoever with any female living or dead till he get married. You can make up your mind too today like the rest of us did years ago and we are reaping the dividends today, big time.

I’ve told my wife to be abnitio that my decision to stay chaste has nothing to do with her at all! I’m not doing her a favour – I’m trying to help myself. That decision alone has saved me a lot of heartaches. Listen to me young man; you are destroying your future by being promiscuous. There is nothing whatsoever to gain from it other than a miserable short lived pleasure that has untold pains and aches embedded into it.

All my life I have never lacked female friends. I easily attract sensible female friends, so it’s not a matter of not having opportunities to have sex before marriage. I had myriads of opportunities to be promiscuous because in my case I wasn’t the one looking for them, they were the ones looking for me because I was so brilliant, quiet, caring and have an untiring listening ears. I had ladies who obviously were interested in me and I knew that very well – but, excuse me I am not interested! Period!! There is no excuse that will be fat enough to justify your need to have sex before marriage as a young man.

Granted, as a young man you have sexual fantasies and temptations. I can understand that, what I don’t understand is why you will allow the fantasy of today to become the fallacy of tomorrow. For young men, there are lots of fallacies about sex. It is sweet in your mouth today, but the bitter part of it is patiently waiting for you tomorrow. As a younger man when the battle raged so strong, I consoled myself with this thought; “there is nothing you have on you as a lady that my pretty wife to be doesn’t have”. Now, I was just in my early 20s (I think 21) at this time and I already had the picture of a wife I was willing to wait for even though she was nowhere to be found in my world at the time; but, I was convinced if I lived right that woman will come.

I never struggled to get engaged and married, she just walked in quietly into my world and I believe (among other things) it’s because of my stand for chastity and purity. God didn’t even wait for me to pray for her to come. How will you find a good wife tomorrow when you are busy having sex with them like crazy and dumping them today. If you don’t change today, NEMESIS will soon catch up with you. Pocket the stories of those who were chaste and yet had late marriages or didn’t marry at all. There are other reasons why that happened.

That girl you are sleeping with today is someone’s wife tomorrow – have you ever thought about that? Beloved, no need of rushing things when when know very well that in due time, you’ll be the one running away from it. Of course, I’m going to enjoy sex with my wife in due course because she is my first and last experience. I preserved the destinies of every female that came across my path for their own God-ordained husbands and God preserved for me a jewel of inestimable value today – I have never had a day of regret!

Your destiny is at stake, young man ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun for your dear life

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