We all appreciate and admire the skill. That’s why we pay to hear

a talented musician or purchase a favorite authors work. We applaud high scoring athletes n read the biographies of our heroes.

David, Israel’s king n sweet singer of songs, certainly had an inauspicious beginning. David’s family taught so lowly of him that when the prophet came looking for a candidate for kingship, David wasn’t even included. What a case of overlooked potential. I Sam 16:1.

Am glad the bible says that the spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward. The Holy spirit still anoints people today……from that day forward. God commissions us to look forward towards the future, not the past. One of the greatest hindrances to knowing God is being shackled to the past.

Even though David had been anointed to rule the nation, he made a pact to serve the reigning king. David whose name means a lover, friend or beloved, lived up to those admirable character qualities, he had also developed skills in several areas before entering the king’s service.

David mastered a musical instrument, studied the wisdom of the father,n learned the science of war. How much of an investment do you vein yourself? How prepared are you to do great exploits for God and your generation?

If you are unprepared when your greatest opportunity comes, it ‘ll only make a fool of you. Remember, the opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the lifetime of the opportunity. This is what bothers me about opportunities, it is time bound. Don’t let them slip away. Get ready and be prepared for spectacular opportunities and favor.

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