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Ephesians 4:26 Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:

Today I will share with you one of the issues which troubles many people and this is anger.

From the above scripture, it seems anger is expected but the caution there is not to sin especially through making the day end with that anger.

Why? It is because when you prolong habitation of anger in you, it becomes part of you.

Many people have lost opportunities because of anger. At the end when you do an assessment of why you were angry, you will see it was just a small matter. When you are angry remember;

1. Anger is an emotion. It affects your emotional balance.

2. Anger is spiritual, evil, demonic. Anger is a spirit. To prove that check how you feel when angry.

3. Anger has serious self inflicting damages. Some become angry to fix some people when in fact they are fixing themselves. Its like shooting someone with the gun pointing towards yourself. Some are sick because of anger and unfortunately some are dead. Some are in prison because of anger and some in hospital.

4. Anger has a major effect in relationships. Conflicts in families, societies, workplaces, schools are not managed because of angry individuals. Some have divorced because of the problem of anger.

5. Anger should never override our decision making process. Never should it envelop our decision making process or our character. Never make a major decision when you are angry, you will regret. We must not change our character because of anger. Some have changed their language because of anger. Some have preached messages intertwined in anger.

6. Anger must not lead to violence tendencies we see everyday in the world. Reaction to life in anger is not the solution. Let us be proactive.

7. Anger management should not be the focus but rather personal management. When we are able to manage ourselves, anger management becomes easy.

8. Anger is so funny in that when you are angry you think everyone is also angry. Be it known that it may be you only who is angry and others are happy and life goes on. Don’t think ‘we are many’

9. Anger is bad in that some become angry on behalf of others. You will be left with the dirtiness of others.

10. Anger is not a solution to anything but it’s actually a problem which increase more problems. It is not the end of problems but beginning of them.

Self Help Questions

1. Is it possible not to be angry

2. Why are you angry today? Is it worthy it?

3. What are you angry at?

4. What actions do you do when angry?

5. What can you do to deal with yourself and anger?

Today choose joy instead of anger. Don’t drown in anger. Future is not ready for angry people.


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